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Share files with accountant

How do I share files with my accountant?

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Re: Share files with accountant

In QBO and QBSE there are no files to share

you invite the accountant to log in and use your account

QuickBooks Team

Re: Share files with accountant

Hello Zom


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On QuickBooks Self Employed there is not a file sharing option.


However it is available in QuickBooks Online. As long as you have your accountant added as accountant user and the accountant has an accountant portal as well as being able to view your QuickBooks Online file you can also upload files to share with them.


If you go to my accountant on the left hand side>shared documents>upload

When you upload this will appear in the accountants profile under work and they can view and reply and send a request back to you or send a file to you and it will show in your my accountant section


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Re: Share files with accountant

So if I want to share files via email it would be best to switch to Quickbooks online? Is that right?


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Re: Share files with accountant

Hello Zoe,


You can email the reports directly to your accountant by selecting the drop down arrow next to View/Download. My colleague was referring to the function of sharing documents within the product - this is only available in Online.