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Client credit card weblink not in emailed invoice

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Re: Client credit card weblink not in emailed invoice

It's nice to have you in the Community, @dpalermo.


Let me help ensure you can send an invoice that includes the Pay now link for credit cards.


If you're referring to a missing Pay now button, it's possible that you haven't selected which type of online payment you'll accept on the invoice before sending. You can review the invoice you sent to check if the Credit Card box was checked. Also, if you have your own weblink for credit card payments, you can manually type this in your invoice by customizing your template.



Once your customer clicks the Pay Now button on the sent invoice, he/she has the option to choose the payment method and enters the information. 


That should do it. If the issue persists, I'd suggest reaching out to our Merchant Services Team so they can check further why you have a missing payment link on the sent invoice.


Should you have other questions about this process, please let me know. I'm always here to help.