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Department Reports

How do I setup a Department report showing only Department Income (from a revenue account), minus Department Expenses (from one or more expense accounts) minus Department Payroll (from one or more payroll accounts)?  We have multiple departmental profit centers that we like to look at individually in a given period.  Easy to set up in Quickbooks Pro desktop, but not so easy in Quickbooks Plus online.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Department Reports

Hey there, @caryspa23,


It's nice to have you here today. I can provide the steps for you to view the report you need in QuickBooks Online.


You can pull up a Profit and Loss by Department report, so you can get a detailed information of your income and expenses by department. Here's how to get the report:

  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. From the Business overview section, choose Profit and Loss by Department.Click the Customize button to add additional customizations on the report.
  3. Update the Report period, then click Run report.Tap the Filter menu.
  4. Mark the Department box and select the department you want to view on the report.
  5. Click Run report.

You may want to check out this article to know more about customizing your Profit and Loss report in QBO: How to customize your Profit and Loss report


That's got it. Please update me in the comments, if you need further help with your reports or need anything else with QuickBooks. You got me here to help you any time. All the best!