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Editing an existing budget

I am trying to edit an exiting budget for next fiscal year.  When I go into edit and try and click on the line that I would like to edit I am not able to select it.  It won't let me change the number.  I have QuickBooks plus and I am master admin.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Editing an existing budget

Hi there. @MikeyMTOH.


I'm here to help share information about modifying existing budget in QuickBooks Online (QBO).


I've checked and verified that our engineers are currently working on an investigation about not being able to enter amounts or modify budgets in QBO. However, I have an additional steps for you to try while our engineers are continuing to work for an immediate resolution. You can try right clicking on the row you want to edit and then click on the cell you need to enter data. 


As of now, I recommend contacting our Support Team so you'll be added to the list of affected users and receive an email notification with the latest updates. For the support's contact information, you may check it here: Contact the QuickBooks Online Customer Support team.


In addition, you can also visit our QuickBooks blog to stay updated with the current QuickBooks news and updates.


Please feel free to add a comment below if you have any other budget concerns, I'll be always here to help you. Have a great day ahead!

Experienced Member

Re: Editing an existing budget

Is there any way to change an amount that was entered in  a budget?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Editing an existing budget

Hi there, bbml.


Thanks for joining this thread. It's my pleasure assisting you today. 


Sure thing you can edit or change an amount entered on your budget in QuickBooks Online (QBO). I'd be happy to show you the steps on how you do it.


Here's how:

  1. Select the Gear icon.
  2. Under Tools, select Budgeting.
  3. Locate the budget to edit.
  4. From the Action column drop-down menu, select Edit.
  5. Edit the budget amounts for each of the corresponding accounts.
  6. Select Save and close.



Allow me to share this article with you that provides additional information about managing budgets in QBO: How to create, edit, and manage budgets.


Feel free to reach out to us if there’s anything else you need help with QuickBooks. I'll be around to help.