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Export report to Excel on new computer

I just started using a new computer this week.  For reasons too numerous to get into, the management has kept us on Microsoft Office 2010.  No problem, I can live with that.  But this new computer came preloaded with all the 'new' Microsoft Office apps.  They were causing me problems so I uninstalled all of the pre-loads and installed Office 2010 from a CD.


Now it's the first time this week that I have tried to export a report to Excel, and I can't do it.  It immediately opens a window asking me to sign in to my Microsoft account and to type in a license for the 'new' Excel.  First of all, it is uninstalled and I can't even find it on my machine anywhere.  So how is Quickbooks connecting to this version of Excel and trying to force me to use it?  If I say no, and exit out of all these Excel windows, Quickbooks gives me a message and says that Excel was terminated outside of Quickbooks, therefore it couldn't export the report.  ARGGHHH!


See attached for shot of window that comes up.


How do I get Quickbooks to export to Excel 2010 and not the 'non-existent' newer version of Excel? 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Export report to Excel on new computer

Hey there Rochelley,


Using a new computer is exciting, but it's important to have everything in working order, too. I'll do what I can to help you resolve this.


When installing QuickBooks Desktop, it's generally important to have other programs that'll link to it in any way installed first. That way you can ensure that QuickBooks will "see" and know which program to choose when you're doing things such as exporting to Excel. With what you've described above, it sounds like QuickBooks Desktop was already installed when you used the install disc for Microsoft Office 2010. Since QuickBooks has already picked up the newer version of Excel first, it's still looking for it when you're trying to export.


To solve this, please uninstall both programs and reinstall Office 2010 first and QuickBooks Desktop second. Leave the new version of Microsoft out completely since you don't want it. Doing it this way, QuickBooks should now know which Microsoft you want it to use. If needed, try a clean uninstall/reinstall for QuickBooks Desktop.


If after doing this you're still running into trouble, please call QuickBooks Desktop support, Microsoft support, or both if necessary. QuickBooks Desktop agents can help rule out any connectivity issues between the two programs from our side of things. Sometimes the Microsoft team needs to get involved for some further troubleshooting. Here's how you can get in touch with both.


QuickBooks Desktop support is available at 1-877-772-9158. The line is open 24 hours for Pro and Premier users, while Enterprise support is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. 


Here's a link for Microsoft's Canadian Support: There may even be a more specific team listed on the disc or its box.


I hope that helps!

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Re: Export report to Excel on new computer

Thanks for the suggestion.  Since I posted I have discovered that as long as I have Excel 2010 open when I try to export the report, the export works and the file opens in Excel 2010.  It is only when Excel is not open at all that it seems to want to revert to the Microsoft splash screen asking me to login, etc. etc.  I have spent so much time getting this new computer up and running with all my software that it is not likely that I will now uninstall both QB and Office 2010.  We will eventually be upgrading to the latest version of office so I will use the workaround for now.  Thanks anyways!