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POS reports and transactions

My reports in POS don't always match.  I have been checking the figures between my sales tax detail report and the X-out report for the corresponding period, and they will be the same for a few weeks, and then they are different.  I have additionally checked the transactions against the sales detail report, as well as the sales tax detail report.  There are methods that seem strange to me but are explainable but still have not found what is causing the discrepancy in the reports.  For example; The sales item detail report shows a payment to account (paid with credit card) but under sales activity on the Z-out report it is not listed.  My assumption?  Because it was paid by credit card Quickbooks is treating it differently.  Also, in the sales item, it does not show the full amount of a return and it's accompanying sales tax (if applicable) just the sales tax portion.  Again, assuming this is QB's treatment.  However, factoring these things in, the reports still don't match.  Should I not be able to reconcile my reports as a checkpoint and verification?  And why does it seem so hard to locate this kind of information about the product online?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: POS reports and transactions

Hi there, @saemw14.


Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm here to provide some insights about the reports doesn't match in your Point of Sale (POS). 


Are you trying to match the report of POS and QuickBooks Desktop? If so, make sure that there are no transactions created on the Quickbooks separately since this is one of the possible reasons on why the reports doesn't match. 


Additionally, for the payments to an account that is not showing on the Z-out report, you'll need to modify it and click the Revert option to restore the report to a default setting.


If there are still discrepancies on the reports, I encourage you to contact our Point of Sale Support. They have additional tools to do a screen share and make some corrections or adjustment if necessary.


You can contact them through this link:


You're always welcome to post if you have any other questions about the POS. Wishing you and your business continued success.