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Predefined report column size

Predefined reports have a default setting for column sizes I used to be able to expand fields, memos, names etc. to read the full field but that is no longer working in Desktop 2019 any ideas

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Re: Predefined report column size

Hello, @MyBookkeeper.


I'd be glad to help share some information about expanding the column sizes on your report.


Yes, you're right about the ability to expand the column sizes. And you can still do this using the 2019 version. All you need to do is drag the line column on the upper part. Please see attached screenshot for my sample.




However, you can't save or set this column size as default after closing the report. You can only save the modified settings by adding this to your Memorized Report List.




That should do it. Also, if you need some related references in customizing your reports, you can check the following articles below.


Set report preferences 


Create, access and modify memorized reports 


 Let me know if you're still unable to expand the column fields of your report. I'll be here to help.