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Problem uploading PC MasterCard statements

There seems to be a glitch with the PC MasterCard automatically uploading in Quickbooks.  The URL does not take you to the sign in page, therefore, it can not connect with the csv file.


When you download the credit card info as a csv file, then import it into quickbooks, it goes into the wrong column.  (Like your getting money instead of spending it.)  To fix this, this is what I did.  


I downloaded the csv file from my credit card.  I opened the file in Excel.  I Kept the columns titled "Merchant, date, time, and amount".  I deleted others.  I put zeros in the "time" slot all the way down beside every transaction.  Anywhere in the "amount" column that is a payment or refund (negative amount - ) I moved that over to the "time" column as a positive, then changed the amount in the "amount" column to zero.  Save in excel as a csv (comma delimited) file under "other formats".


When you go to "file Upload" in Quickbooks, go through the steps to upload.  When you get to the screen where you select the fields for your file, at the bottom where it is in blue and says "CVS file has amounts in:"  make sure "2 column" is selected.  Make "money spent" as "amount" and "money received as "time".  This works perfect.  Saved me days of work.

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Re: Problem uploading PC MasterCard statements

Hello K Pennings,


I'm new to Quickbooks Online too and I have still a lot to learn about allocating various transactions in the correct place.  I had problems connecting QB's with my Bank, and still can't connect. Like you I have been downloading Bank transactions in a CSV format, then entering on QB's.  That seems to be working OK, so far.  Unfortunately, I can't answer your initial question of why the transactions downloaded from your PC MasterCard on the CSV appeared in the wrong column.  This is obviously a specific question to one of the QB's Team.