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Profit and Loss by class and customer type

So I have different customer types and I have assigned a class to all employees ie "caregiver", "nurse", "skilled manager", etc. I want to run a P&L by one customer type with certain classes of employees. But everytime I try it the report is blank. If I leave out the classes and just choose customer type the report still isn't coming out correctly, none of the office staff, ie "business manager", "general manager", etc aren't showing up on the report. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Profit and Loss by class and customer type

Hi, @teri1.


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and for sharing the steps you've done.


Filtering the report by customer type won't show the transactions since paychecks are under employees. You need to use the Name filter and choose the customer and employees names instead. Here's how:


1. On the report, click the Customize Report, then got the Filter tab.
2. On the Choose Filter section, select the following:
Class - Multiple classes, then pick a class.
Name - Multiple names, then select the customer and employees names.
3. Hit OK.



That should do it. I'm also adding this article for more information: Customize company and financial reports.


Keep me posted on how everything goes or should you need anything else. I'll be happy to help. Take care and have a great day.