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Report creations take 15 sec longer with a VPN

I have just installed NordVPN and am using Quickbooks 2018 desktop.  My data is local (no server)  and I am the only user.  When the VPN is connected all my reports take 15 seconds to open.  When I disconnect the VPN the reports are instantaneous.  Any help out there?


All the information online seems to be for remote data files or Quickbooks online.  

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Report creations take 15 sec longer with a VPN

Hi there, Topaz.


While VPN is used by some businesses, we don't recommend using it with QuickBooks Desktop. We recommend using a Local Area Network instead. Please check out this article to see other types of network that we don't recommend: What is the compatibility of QuickBooks with different network types?


If there's anything that I can help, just reply on this thread.


Have a good day!