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Report exported in CSV is incomplete

Hey QB community,

My CFO came to me with an issue where large reports being exported via .csv are incomplete. The example he showed was a Client Invoice report through last year. When pulled directly into excel it was around  47k rows long, showing clients A to Z, with a sum/total at the end of the report. When exported to .csv the report ended on row 32769 showing clients A to P with no summary. When looking at the report in QB all clients/date are present. Is there a data limit when exporting to .csv? Pulling these larger report to excel can take a long time, so we were looking to use the .csv as they are usually done in seconds.. Any help/advise is much appreciated.  - QB Enterprise 2019 - Desktop

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Report exported in CSV is incomplete

Hi there, @23rdgroup.


I'm here to help share some information about the maximum number of list entries we can export via CSV.


Yes, you're right. There is a data limit in a report exported in CSV. Since you mentioned this is a large report, then it's possible that you've reached the maximum number of entries. 


You can refer to this article for details of the lists limit: Maximum number of QuickBooks Desktop list entries.


If possible, you can try to divide the export into two files. So instead of clients A to Z, you can export the first half instead. 


Keep me updated how it goes. I'll be here to help if you need anything else.