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Why does QBO keep changing my book's opening balance?

The FIRST LINE of my Paypal bank account register reads this:

Date: 1/1/2018
Type: Deposit
Account: Opening Balance Equity
Deposit: $2,722.87
Balance: $2,731.60

This just changed TODAY.

Yesterday, Deposit and Balance were matching.

How did this happen?

Community Contributor *

Re: Why does QBO change my book's opening balance?

OMG, my opening balance seems to be changing randomly.


2 hours ago:

paypal opening 1.JPG



paypal opening 2.JPG


What's going on?

Is QBO stable enough for paid use?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Why does QBO change my book's opening balance?

Let's correct your beginning balance, Growing.


You’ll want to click on the opening balance transaction and choose Save. If it’s marked as reconciled (R), you’ll get a prompt saying that you’re editing a reconciled transaction. Just click Yes to save it and to refresh the transaction.


If the beginning balance will not follow, or if it follows but it will still change, please get in touch with our Chat team to investigate this further.


If you need anything else, feel free to go back to this thread.