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What is the difference between List reports and Balance (Totalled) reports?

"List" and "Balance (or Totalled)" reports are both useful, however they do have some differences. When you're trying to figure out which report is the most appropriate for your needs, knowing some basic information about the two reports is helpful.

What is the difference between a List report and a Balance report?

A List report gives you the items without showing the balance column or total.

A Balance or Totalled report gives you balances remaining or total sales, amounts due, etc.


  • The Supplier or Contact list report shows the customer name, address, and phone number, but does not give a customer balance column or total.
  • The Transaction List by Date has "list" in its title and show numbers, but again will not provide a total.

How to get a total in a List report with amounts

  • If you ran a report and it doesn't have a balance column or total, double check the title of the report. There's a good chance that the report has “List” in the title.
  • A List report with amounts can be exported and customised in Excel to provide a total. To do this: 

    Select the Export icon, then choose Export to Excel.

Note: Need more help? Check out exporting reports to Excel.

How to display the Total column on reports

  1. From the left menu, select Reports.

  2. Search for and open your preferred report.
  3. Select Total Only from the Display columns by drop-down.
  4. Select Run report.

Tip: Want to save your changes? You can memorise the report so you have a saved copy of it.


You now know the difference between List reports and Balance (Totalled) reports.