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Re: Proseries in the Cloud

As a dynamic relational database only certain clouds can successfully host an open company file, even if only a single user. Multi-user complicates it even more. Dropbox and icloud or noecloud or googlecloud can be used to store a backup  or exported reports but just won't do what needs to be done as far as keeping all data up to date across multiple logins from multiple users.


Intuit does offer a hosting program of its own that should be guaranteed to work with their own product.

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Re: Proseries in the Cloud

@Wojtysiak, a warm welcome to the community.


We have a few partners in the community who work in cloud hosting. @gotomyerp, can you give our friend some advice about cloud hosting QB Pro?

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Re: Proseries in the Cloud

Hi @Wojtysiak and thanks @JamesOng


QuickBooks Pro is easily hosted by any of the Intuit Authorized Hosting Providers.  You have many options based on your actual need.  Of course, no one is perfect but operating your system this way is usually better and maintained well.


We always ask for you to use Authorized providers only as they do keep you in compliance with Intuit's End User Licensing Agreement.


If you have any questions, drop them here and we'll help.


See you in the clouds.