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What's it like to have your ad run during the Super Bowl? Meet Mike Brown

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Just one year ago at QuickBooks Connect, we were tallying the votes and celebrating our top three finalists in Small Business Big Game.


As we all know now, Mike and the team at Death Wish Coffee Company emerged as the winners — and in February we cheered them on when their winning commercial aired during the big game. 

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Name: Michael Brown 


Business: Death Wish Coffee Company


Twitter: @deathwishcoffee



What is the biggest learning or "ah ha" moment you've experienced in your own business?


Letting go of the day-to-day low-value activities is difficult, but necessary for your business to grow. 



How do you stay motivated and inspired every day?


I complete a worksheet every morning about the purpose of my business, the beliefs I have about my business, the wins we've achieved and the environment in which I must work to achieve our goals. Once I remind myself what's important, I am fueled to go after it.



What is one actionable takeaway from your session that attendees will be able to take home and apply immediately to their own business?


Depends where they're at with their business. The most important thing they can do is start a customer list if they don't have one already. Another thing they could do once they leave is call their accountant and get on a regular schedule of communication.



What are you hoping to learn from other entrepreneurs and small business owners this year at QuickBooks Connect?


Nothing specific for me — I just love learning about new topics. Hopefully there are some topics that are foreign to me that I can sit in on! It's usually during these sessions where I start thinking the most creatively.