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Editing sales receipt date on register triggers sales tax being added?

I run a few online website, ebay, amazon and etsy. I have used shipstation since the beginning of the year to import sales receipts to my applicable bank registers. This has worked pretty well for the most part until a recent change, and believe on QBs end.

These sales receipts that are imported have a sale date based on the import date, rather than the sale date. so i typically go down the register and edit the sales receipt dates to match the actual sales dates. This is already a bit time consuming, however, now when editing the date only, it recently started automatically adding state sales tax to sales receipts that do not require sales tax collected. To avoid this i have to open every sales receipt, edit the date from there, it then pops up the yellow warning i have attached, but adds no tax. then I click save and close. this also does not trigger any sales tax being added. 

I am also on a cash basis accounting method and the automated tax system is accrual, will this factor in to any other issues? I have attached a screen shot of some sales receipts, items did not always import with "OUT_OF_SCOPE", but now this seems to show up on all out of state sales receipts, however will still add a sales tax amount if i edit the date from that register. receipts which actually require state sales tax, now have a random batch of letters. however it is the right amount and if i open the sales receipt and click the taxes link it shows the correct zones

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Editing sales receipt date on register triggers sales tax being added?

We've been alerted about this issue with the sales transactions, Schuggtf.


Some users have reported getting the same error in QBO. We're now gathering more information to know what triggered the error.


In the meantime, you can give us a call. We are collating the number of affected users so a permanent fix will be rolled out as soon as possible.


To get our contact number, click the Help icon in the upper right-hand corner. From there, select the Contact Us button and enter your concern in the description box.


I appreciate your patience on this. Please let me know if there's anything else you need.