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MY quarterly taxes are due and my quickbooks will not up-date 2019 forms

and I actually pay quickbooks for this service???????


What a rip-off!!!


I am trying to do my quarterly fed and state taxes and there is no up-date to change the forms from 2018 to 2019. 
What do I have to do? I have spent over an hour trying to correct this and phone support in India does not open for another hour!!!

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Re: MY quarterly taxes are due and my quickbooks will not up-date 2019 forms

You tagged your query as United States. why do you want payroll support for India?


Here in the US the first quarter is still open for 11 more days and according to update info, "typically first quarter forms are delivered with mud March payroll update"


The mid March payroll update has yet to become available, we are most up to date table version 21906. Certainly before the actual filing deadline if 4/30 the forms will be uploaded. If you are in a hurry you can download the 2019 forms from and use the old form in an to create the data, fill in your downloaded form and mail it in.


One thing you might not realize is that for QB and other payroll software to provide you with forms those forms must be approved by the IRS. Remember there was a government shutdown and dollars to doughnuts the person or persons in charge of approving intuit forms was on a forced vacation and did not work on this from home.


Taxes due and forms are different issues. You and I and everyone else must submit taxes on one of two schedules, every month or semi weekly. An every month filer can pay March withholdings anytime from date of payroll through 4/15 and payments are not made with the form, typically. Certain low amount filers can send a check with the form, but again, form not due until 4/30