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Setting up Use tax

2 questions for Use tax, these are not inventory items.


1.  What account# and how would I enter Use tax for YTD 2019 purchases that sales tax was not previously charged for?

2.  How do I set up accruing Use tax for purchases?

QuickBooks Team

Re: Setting up Use tax

Hello rar,


Welcome to the Community. I'm here to lend a hand with your questions about recording Use tax in QuickBooks Desktop.


The ability to track Usage taxes (Use taxes) in the Desktop version is currently available through the manual process. Since these taxes only apply to states that already have a sales tax, you can track them by choosing a Vendor Type through the Customer & Vendor Profile Lists section.


In addition to that, you'll only be able to find the total use tax owed to the tax vendor by multiplying the report balance by the Use Tax percentage. You can do this by running the Transaction Detail report.


Here's how you can run the report:


  1. Click the Reports tab at the top menu bar.
  2. Select Accountant & Taxes.
  3. Click Transaction Detail by Account.

For more information and detailed steps, I'm adding the article I recommend on this:


Track Usage (or Use) tax.


Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions about recording Use tax. Any additional information you want to add will ensure a timely solution.

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Re: Setting up Use tax

Thank you for your response, however, SOME of the purchases are by Credit card so I would not want add Outstate to the Credit card Vendor.


Also, some Vendors charge the Florida state tax of 6% and not the additional County tax of 2.5%.  Therefore, I need to accrue for the 2.5%.


Please advise.  Thank you



QuickBooks Team

Re: Setting up Use tax

Hello there, @rar


I’d like to provide you with additional details on how Usage Tax works in QuickBooks.


Here’s how  you can enter the Use Tax directly in the Sales Tax Payable Register:

  1. Go to Vendors.
  2. Click Sales tax.
  3. Select Manage Sales Tax.
  4. Choose the Pay Sales Tax.

For additional insights, you may check these articles:

Don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have other questions about managing your Sales Tax in QuickBooks. I’m always here to help.