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WA-Paid Fam Med Leave on P&L report without creating the payment

I set-up my WA Paid Fam Med Leave as directed (at least I'm pretty sure based on all the threads about it). We are under 50 employees paying the employee portion. I ran a P&L and on it is the accrued amount that we should pay up to this point once it comes due. I never created a check for this amount. In looking at my payroll liabilities, the same amount is there as well waiting to be paid out. Any advice on why this would happen and how to correct it?


Examples of what I am speaking to are attached.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: WA-Paid Fam Med Leave on P&L report without creating the payment

Hi, @jash


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. I'd like to help provide some insights about the WA-Paid Family Medical Leave.


The employers with less than 50 employees should collect 63% of 0.4% as Employee Portion Rate. This is based on the Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave Help for Employers website


If  you haven't paid the WA-Paid Fam Med Leave on the payment schedule, it will automatically show on the Profit and Loss and Payroll Liabilities.


For additional reference, you can check this article: Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave (New Tax 2019)


Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have additional questions about the WA-Paid Family Medical Leave. Have a good one.