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"view/export changes for Client" is not selectable

I am using Quickbooks desktop 2019. I have made my 2018 AJEs and would like to now send an accountants change file to the client. When I navigate File> Send Company File > Accountant's copy the selection for >view/export changes for Client is dimmed grey and is not available to click through. 


Am I missing a step? are there workarounds?

QuickBooks Team

Re: "view/export changes for Client" is not selectable

I've got you covered, KevinInAccounting.


We have just the workaround you're looking for to resolve this issue.


In the situation that you've mentioned, it doesn't look like you've missed a step. However, just to clarify, is the file saved on a server or external drive? If so, I'd recommend that you create a copy of the file in a local folder, then try to export the changes.


If it's not, then you'll need to run the Verify/Rebuild Data utility tool. This tool allows QuickBooks to self-identify data integrity issues that can cause unusual behaviors and resolve them.


Lastly, I'm also including this article for additional insight on how to resolve accountant's changes issues: Resolve errors and unexpected results when exporting accountant's changes (.QBY)


Let me know how it goes, I'm determined to get this fixed for you. Thanks for coming to the Community, I'll be looking forward to your response.

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Re: "view/export changes for Client" is not selectable

Hi, It is saved on a server. If i were to Save the .QBA to my local computer,  I will be able to prepare a .QBY?

QuickBooks Team

Re: "view/export changes for Client" is not selectable

Thanks for getting back to us, @KevinInAccounting


I appreciate you performing the steps provided by my colleague above to help get the View/Export Changes for Client option to show up on the company file. 


Yes, you can prepare a .QBY file after saving the changes from the .QBA working file. For detailed steps, you can check out this great article: Export Accountant's Changes (.QBY)


I'm also adding the following process to learn more about the Accountant's Copy feature workflow:


  1. Your client creates an Accountant's Copy to send to you for review and editing. He can still work on the current items in the working file (.QBW).
  2. QuickBooks saves it as an export file (.QBX) to the Intuit server.
  3. This causes the system to send an email with a download link for the export file to you. 
  4. You can access and open the file, creating a working file (.QBA). Then, you can make changes and corrections in it.
  5. You can save your changes and corrections, creating an import file (.QBY), which is saved to the Intuit server.
  6. Your client can open this import file. Then, he can apply the accountant's changes to their company file.

You can visit this helpful article for more information about the Accountant's Copy: The Essential Accountant's Copy Guide


This will get you on the right track, @KevinInAccounting. I'll be here If you have follow-up concerns about this or should you need anything else.