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Advice - Managing a remote client w/ paper bills, approvals to pay

I searched on this topic didn't see anything.


I have a new client who's business just sold off a big part of it, so I'm taking over the remaining bit, and they are leaving a brick & mortar location for a virtual world. 


Question - is there a recommended way to handling A/P for this remote company with an approval loop built in? 


Currently they have a A/P email account, but still get paper bills as well. The owners will be handling paper billing at this early juncture. I don't see them using scanner for all those bills. Obviously the ones we can convert to internet payment can go to the email.  The owner wants to handle manning that account and then forward payments to my email as approved. 


One stone age solution would be to give them USPS envelopes and they send paper bills to me on a weekly basis or something. While it would cost few bucks I'm OK with that. 


Recommended process for dealing with a clients A/P who is remote to your office?