What is this Intuit charge on my credit card statement?

Learn how to determine which credit card charges come from Intuit.

Do you have a question about a credit card charge from Intuit or QuickBooks?  By using the description on the credit card statement and the chart below, we'll help you identify where the charge is coming from and why.

Chart: Business charges

Use this chart to identify charges on your statement.

Business Line  Description How Do I Look Up This Charge?
QuickBooks Desktop Offerings (FMS/QBFS) Intuit QB Financ'l SW Log into
QuickBooks Online Intuit QB Online Log into QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online Payroll (DIY Payroll, QBOP) Intuit QB Payroll Log into QuickBooks Online
Assisted Payroll Service (IFSP, QBFSP) Intuit Payroll Log into
IOP, Intuit Full Service Payroll (IFSP), Quickbooks Full Service Payroll (QBFSP) Intuit Online Payroll Log into QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) Intuit QB Enterprise Log into
QuickBooks Point of Sales (POS) Intuit QuickBooks POS Log into
IDP Intuit Data Protect Log into
Quickbooks Self- Employed Intuit Quickbooks SE Log into
Merchant Services Intuit Tran Fee Log into
Merchant Services Intuit Deposit Log into
Merchant Services BTOT DISC Log into
Merchant Services MTOT DISC Log into
Merchant Services ACQ ISA FEE Log into
Merchant Services BankCard Discount Log into
Online Bank Service Charge ($14.95 Non Intuit fee that is charged directly from your card issuing bank for allowing online banking connection through QuickBooks) QuickBooks Please contact your bank


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look up a charge/order for QuickBooks Online or Intuit Turbo Tax?

You can use the Intuit Order Status website:

  1. To look up your order online, go to
  2. You'll need Last Name, Phone, and Last 4 Digits of Credit Card  or  Order Number and Billing Zip Code

How do I look up a charge/order for QuickBooks Desktop?

You can use the My Account/CAMPS (Customer Account Management Portal Site) website:

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Login using your QuickBooks user id and password.
  3. Select Order History.

How do I look up merchant services related charges?

To see Merchant Services Related Charges:

  1.  Go to
  2.  Select Activity and Reports
  3. Choose All Statements

Where do I find my Intuit checks and supplies order history?

To check your Intuit Checks and Supplies Order History

  1. Go to QuickBooks Checks and Supplies
  2. Enter in one of the options provided (Order #, Phone #, Bank Account # or Email)

Why was I billed twice?

If you are checking your credit card account online, please be aware that most merchants, Intuit included, will submit a pre-authorization before they process a charge.

  • This pre-authorization allows us to verify that the credit card is valid and there is enough available credit to process the charge. Typically the pre-authorization is removed within 5 days.
  • If your payment was very recent, you may still see the pre-authorization on your account. Intuit's pre-authorizations can be up to $0.50 more than the actual charge.
  • Since the pre-authorization is temporary, you may see the charge online, but you won't see this on your credit card statement.

Why am I being charged a QuickBooks monthly fee?

If you receive a charge labeled "QuickBooks monthly fee" and you're a QuickBooks Desktop user, this fee isn't coming from QuickBooks Online. Some banks charge their customers a monthly fee to use Online Banking with the desktop version of QuickBooks.

If the descriptor says Intuit, Inc QB Online and a 1-800 number, then the charge is from us.