Don't see the payments you want to deposit?

Before you can deposit a payment you received, you need to record it.

Note: All items in a deposit need to be in the same currency. If you use multicurrency, you will only see payments for one currency at a time. Select a currency to see the payments you can include in the deposit.

If you recorded a payment

If you recorded  the payment you received on an invoice, make sure you selected Undeposited funds in the Deposit to field of the transaction. Undeposited Funds account is a default account in QuickBooks Online that holds funds from payments to your company until you deposit them to your bank account.

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) on the Toolbar.

  2. Under Customers, choose Receive Payment.

  3. Enter the customer's name and the date you were paid.
  4. Enter the payment method.
  5. For the Reference Number, enter the check number.
  6. In the Deposit To drop-down, choose Undeposited funds.
  7. Select Save and Close.

If you haven't recorded the payment

If you haven't recorded the payment yet, create an invoice or a receipt for the sale.  (See Which one should I choose?)