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How can I correct a prior reconciliation without redoing it?

I had a reconciliation that required hours of work and finally did an adjusting entry for $1,671 in ticket sales deposits. When I began working on the next month's reconciliation I found the actual deposits that were not cleared that almost match the adjusting entry. I want to manually clear those deposits in the check register and then change the adjusting entry to account for those deposits as they are entered in my sales receipts and I don't want to delete them as the information is important. I spent many hours on that reconciliation plus another 4 hours today on the current one. This seems to be the best way to proceed without having to do hours of work over again. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Jackie
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In general.  it not a good idea to mark or edit reconcila...

In general.  it not a good idea to mark or edit reconcilating items in the QB register.
Those are best done in the bank reconcilation program.

suggustion:   Do a backup before doing any more work.

You have a decison to make how important is it to correct the prior period.
a quick and dirty way.   
Enter an adjustment to get the prior bank balance to equal your new correct balance.   Then make an offseting adjustment in the current month.
then   reconcilite to the correct month bank statement.    Next clear the corrected deposit(s) , and make a new adjustment which clears all the corrections and edits.

2.  the other way.   Right down the ending balance.  then carefully enter the correct deposits from the prior period, and edit the prior adjusting entry. to get the ending balance equal.    As to clearing the deposits, do it in the current months bank reconcilation..   It usally not a issue, if one bank account has open items,

Also QB really only reconciles to the ending balance.   When the balance is zero. that is all that is needed.   The begining balance is simply the sum ofall preious cleared items.   the beginning balance is not really factored in the reconcilation.   As long as your current month bank statement and clear amount per bank reconcilation equal. that is all that counts.

With quickbooks,  it is possible to enter transactions dated in prior months, and as long as that transaction did not actually clear the bank.  There will be no issues with the bank reconciliation.     Or in other QB only reconciles to the bank statement balance.  QB does not really track the open items, like we normally are used to.

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Thanks for both suggestions. I will work with the 2nd one...

Thanks for both suggestions. I will work with the 2nd one to clear the prior deposits and do adjusting entry. Jackie