QuickBooks Team

Re: Oregon OQ Tax Worksheet is not available online. Should I be preparing this form manually for...

I appreciate your prompt response, @nancy13.


You've got me here to help share some information about the availability of your Oregon OQ Tax Worksheet in QuickBooks Online.


Currently, the Oregon OQ Tax Worksheet is under the blocked forms. This means that the form is still in process to ensure its accuracy and will be available after the preparation is complete. 


For now, I'd suggest preparing your forms for this quarter manually. Here's an article that you can check out for more details about blocked forms in QuickBooks Online: Forms unavailable (blocked) for Q1 2019 Federal and State Forms.


Lastly, as soon as an update is received, I, or another member of the Community team, will be happy to update this thread and let you know so that you can file your forms on time.


This should get you going today.


Please let me know if you have any other questions with the quarterly forms or any QuickBooks concern. I'd be happy to help. Have a nice day ahead.