The Audit Log: What it is, how to use it

Learn about the Audit Log and how to use it.

QuickBooks Online maintains a log of each financial transaction as it is added, changed, or deleted. The Audit Log serves as an audit trail that lets you see exactly what changes were made, and who made them.

The Audit Log Explained

There's a few things to know about the Audit Log.

  • To access it, you must have full access rights.
  • For audit and security reasons, you cannot disable it.

You can use the Audit Log to research changes made to individual or multiple transactions. Information you'll find includes:

  • the date of the change
  • the name of the user who made the change
  • the type of change or event
  • the name of a customer or vendor related to the change
  • and any original transaction date and amount

In addition, for most transactions or events, you can select View in the History column to open the Audit History, detailing changes to an individual transaction or event.

Access the Audit Log

The Audit Log provides a list of all activity on your QuickBooks Online company file.

To access the Audit Log:

  1. Select the Gear icon on the Toolbar.

  2. Under Tools, select Audit Log.

  3. Select the Filter button.

  4. Use the fields on the Filter panel to choose the appropriate User, Date, or Events filter to narrow the results.
  5. Select Apply.

The Audit Log shows 150 records at a time. If you have more records, you can select Previous or Next to move between pages of records.

Tip When you print the Audit Log, the History column is not printed.

Login and logout activity

When checking login and logout activity, keep in mind that the system only records a logout if you actually select Sign Out.

If you close your browser or navigate to another URL, the system automatically logs you out after a short period of inactivity, but does not record that as a logout in the Audit Log.

Additionally, the History column does not provide a View option or an Audit History for login or logout activity.

Special users defined

When you review your Audit Log, you may notice the following users that were created by the system when making direct changes to your company:

  • Support Representative: Attached to changes made by a QuickBooks Online support consultant
  • System Administration: Indicates changes made automatically by QuickBooks Online
  • Online Banking Administration: Indicates a change related to your connected bank accounts made automatically by QuickBooks Online
  • Import Administration: Indicates an automatic change related to the conversion of your data from QuickBooks Desktop edition

View a tutorial video

To learn more about viewing and using the Audit Log, you can watch this QuickBooks Online tutorial video: