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Re: Installation Frozen



Thank you for your great insight into the installation process. You followed all the right steps, IMO. Some folks are wary of force-quitting with TaskMaster, and the moment I run into problems with any installation, I elect to uninstall it completely and start from scratch. 


My recommendation for all who install important work software on their systems (not just QuickBooks), if you upgrading and already have system files on your computer, create a copy of these files in a separate folder somewhere you can easily find (like your Desktop) and save this folder to a removable harddrive so you have two redundancies. Once the installation is finished and everything is working great (I generally wait a week), I delete the folder. 99.999% of the time this is totally redundant, but it's good practice. 


While it's rare and I've never experienced it with my QuickBooks installs, I've learned the hard way that corrupted installations can mess with primary files (this happened often back in the 90s). 


Also, even if the installation seems to have worked itself out after an error (as @luv4foxes experienced), I recommend completely uninstalling and doing a clean install. You will probably be totally fine and wouldn't go back to change anything Smiley Happy, but I'd do so if I have the option. Having those redundant files ensures that on the off chance the uninstall deletes something it wasn't supposed to, you can easily recover. 


My piece of mind on peace of mind! Thanks for the input everyone. 


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