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Billable Expenses

I thought Billable Expenses showed up on the P&L report. I thought I saw them on there and now they're gone. I double checked that I have the Company Setting of Make expenses and items billable is "On" and I think I have the GL Billable Expense account set up right. Any advice on why this is not showing up on my P&L report?



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Re: Billable Expenses

Hi Fellucca,


I'd be glad to assist with your P&L report today.


So I give you the correct information, as the process is different in QuickBooks Desktop and Online. Which version are you using?


I look forward to your response.




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Re: Billable Expenses

"I think I have the GL Billable Expense account"


There is not typically a single account like this. "Billable" is a Status or Function. The Expense still is the expense as usual, for purposes of tax form reporting. Billable or not has to do with:

First, assing that it relates directly to a customer

Second, showing you intend to Charge it back to them, or "sell" it


That means Billable Costs include expenses such as Supplies, subcontractor labor, materials, travel such as Lodgin and airfare. Those are Tracked as expense the same as always, whether "to be reimbursed" or not, whether to be Charged at cost or a higher price, etc.


Expenses show on the P&L becuase you incurred them.


When you charge that to the customer, you want to see this result in Data flowing to Income. Make sure you did not end up with Expense reduced by Negative Expense, because of how you set up the charges to the customer. That would explain why they "disapeared" from the P&L. Look at your Detail reports, to see the individual entries that are posting to your accounts. Negative Expense should really be an Income activity.


Re: Billable Expenses

If you changed your P&L from accrual to cash, if your billable expenses are not paid they would not be on the P&L.

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Re: Billable Expenses

Sorry was away.


I am using Quickbooks online.


Thank you

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Re: Billable Expenses

Thank you for the response.


I have an expense that is charged to COGS. I then check that expense as billable to a customer. This is what I thought I had done previously and that expense would show up as a "Billable Expense" line item on the Income section of the P&L.


Any further help would be appreciated.