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Advanced ProAdvisor Certification to be Discontinued

The Announcement:

Intuit recently announced that they will be discontinuing their Advanced ProAdvisor Certification for QuickBooks Desktop due to a declining interest.  As of December 31st, the testing will no longer be offered.  ProAdvisors that already have or complete the certification before the end of the year will still receive all benefit till 2022. @lynda and I discuss the notification we received.



While some people may think that is a sign of things to come with QuickBooks Desktop, I personally do not think this is meant to signify the end of the popular desktop product.


Differences between Certification Requirements:


QuickBooks Desktop:

To take the standard certification coursed for QuickBooks Desktop, requires an annual subscription of $349.00 per year. After passing the standard certification for two consecutive years of the Desktop test, the advanced certification process becomes available.  This means that at the very least, it will cost someone $700.00 before they can take the advanced certification. It should be noted, that a copy of QuickBooks Desktop for Accountants is included for that price.


QuickBooks Online:

The certification process for QuickBooks Online can be completed without any cost. Once the initial certification has been passed, the Advanced certification courses will become available.


Question for the Intuit Team:

If the information is publicly available, it would be interesting to know how many people are certified in QuickBooks Desktop (non-advanced) compared to QuickBooks Online