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Re: Can I change what is shown on my check stubs...specifically I need our customer number/account number on the stub

We wanted to change the check stub too...we found a way to have the account name/number to appear on the stub which is much better.


If you use "Enter Bills" [ although there are detail lines with account name and memo etc] and then use "Pay Bills" to select bills to pay and print checks, the account name and details DO NOT show in the stub.


However if you instead use "Write Checks" and complete the detail and memo, when the check is printed it WILL show the account name and memo details on the check stub.  If you enter multiple detail line items, they all show yup on the stub when printed.  This is huge for us and hopefully will help others who want this.


The small issue is that you won't have those pending bills to pay when due... but something very close.  Instead, when a bill is received, we create a check with the future intended pay date for the date and the check remains "To Print"... and you can easily see them in the register to see what is upcoming and select them using "Print Checks".   We file the paper bill in a 31-day calendar folder and pull out each day's bills, then print the checks for that day.  This is an easy choice for us as the info on the stub is SO helpful.   QB should treat the details entered using Enter Bills the same as Write Checks but until they do this works great.