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Re: Quickbooks classes and subclasses

Hello there, SB4207.


Good to see you both in the Community. Allow me to help share some insight about moving funds from one subclass to another.


You can transfer the balance of one subclass to another by updating the transaction to change the class used. You can use the Transaction Detail report to find and edit the transactions easily. Let me show you how: 

  1. From the Reports menu, select Custom Reports.
  2. Choose Transaction Detail.
  3. Select the correct Date.
  4. Click OK or Refresh.
  5. Double-click the transaction. 
  6. In the CLASS column, click the drop-down and select the correct subclass.  
  7. Click Save & Close.


I've attached a blog about class for additional reference: Use Class Tracking in QuickBooks.


These steps should correct the balance per class in your QuickBooks.


Please keep in touch if you have any other questions about classes, or about QuickBooks. I'm here to lend a hand. Have a great day ahead.