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It's Troubleshooting Tuesday: What's Your Call Reluctance Score?

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So, about yesterday's video on the fear of rejection when making sales calls...Where did you land? Excited to learn that if you master it you can practically 500X your income (per Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank), or panicked because you don’t think you can?  REPLY with a scale from 1 to 5 as follows:


5 = I eat sales call for breakfast! Bring them on!


4 = I know sales calls are what it takes to grow (but I need 2 cups of courage first!)


3 = I’m not emotional about sales calls whatsoever. Fact of life. Not scared. Not excited.


2 = I know I should do them, so I try every now and then, and I still dread it. EVERY. TIME. 


1 = Nope and NEVER! I’d rather chew nails than make a sales call!!


Now look at your response. What would it take for you to move just one or two steps closer to a 5? That’s what we’ll be talking about tomorrow during Office Hours, so get ready to kiss your call reluctance adios!


 @ElaineTay-TGW@kschreiber@Peter_G_Stone@QcFinancial@redrosestudios@ParkwayInc@Pen@PracticalSandy and  @lynda... What's YOUR score?