Two brothers. One sweet idea.

The History

2011: Vincent discovered ‘toasted coconut’ when creating his mom’s favorite recipe from Thailand….and thought, “Dang! This could be a snack!” Minutes later: Called his brother, Andrew, in Thailand and had him source toasted coconut.
2012: Dang was started.
2015: Now Dang snacks are sold in over 5,000 stores nation-wide; the company has three full-time employees. (By the way: “Dang” is their mother’s Thai nickname.)


Dang Runs On


QuickBooks Online


Favorite QuickBooks Online Feature

Mobile reporting

For Vincent, the ability to pull sales reports instantly is invaluable for marketing. And for Daniel, having that portability—and share-ability—gives everyone real time access to the data.



Advice from Vincent & Andrew

Network. Network. Network.

"Try to learn from people who’ve been doing what you’re doing longer than you have. (We learned about QuickBooks from networking.) Oh, and set up a board of advisors with smart experienced people; you’ll be amazed at what happens."


Dang! That's good!

Look for Dang snacks in Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger, H-E-B, Target, Stop ‘n Shop and (coming soon…) Costco and Amazon.

Learn more about Dang ingredients and the health benefits of coconut here.