Exit Silicon Valley through Tina's shop  

The History


2010: Tina notices tons of tourists in Mountain View, coming to check out Facebook, Google, Apple and Intuit. She also notices there are no souvenir shops.

2012: With support from family and fiends, Tina opens Mountain View General Store (which was pretty much an instant success) selling MV T-shirts and souvenirs, as well the works of over 160 local crafters. (Many of whom work at Facebook, Google, Apple and Intuit.)


The Mountain View General Store Runs On


QuickBooks Online


It seamlessly integrates with her bank


Tina loves how every bank and credit card transaction integrates instantly with QuickBooks. She just clicks 'accept' to the sales transactions and it automatically balances everything. Like her:



1. Checking Account


2. Credit Card Balance


3. Payments to Artists


4. Expense Categories


Learn to use QuickBooks tools



Now that Tina has QuickBooks linked to her financial accounts, she no longer has to enter data or calculate her balance.

And to pay her 160 artists, she prints checks right from QuickBooks. So artists get paid on time— and Tina has more time to sell their art.