QuickBooks Online gives Neil the ‘Great Gift of Time’


The History

2003: Neil tried to retire—but he just wasn’t cut out for it.
2005: With the business savvy and capital from a highly successful real estate business, Neil opened ASD with his partner, Ed.
2015: After ten gangbuster years, (they now employ 12 teachers, 1 COO, 2 admins) ASD is poised to open a second center. Plus they’re licensing their proprietary Krav Maga training program nationwide.


The Academy of Self Defense Runs On


QuickBooks Online


His first line of defense? The chart of accounts.


Neil uses the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online to find answers to countless questions that pop up every day. How much revenue is a particular instructor pulling? Or what was spent on ProShop this month? Is the kickboxing class still profitable?



Never forget your passion

It takes courage to start a business—and strength to accept responsibility for your decisions. But according to Neil, if you conduct your business from strength and courage, and with the passion you originally started with, it’ll work out and you’ll be successful.


Walk taller. Feel stronger.


Whether you want to learn self-defense, get fit, or participate in martial arts, ASD gets you there—through a real world, no-nonsense approach. Check them out here.

If ASD isn’t in your neighborhood, contact them anyway. They license to other schools all over the U.S. and will know right where to send you.