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Customer testimonial from Moulding Direct

“QuickBooks POS is with us here to stay. As long as Moulding Direct is around, we will be using QuickBooks POS software.”


– Chris Ronan, Owner
Moulding Direct

“On busy days, we are able to have over 4,000 transactions. This means we are not losing those sales to the big box stores. I truly believe that we are so successful because of QuickBooks Point of Sale.”


– Candace Gonsalves, Owner
Farm House

Customer testimonial Farm House

“You need to partner yourself with a company that can grow with you. When you’re a brand new startup,
QuickBooks Point of Sale is the perfect choice for affordability. As you grow, there’s no sense in wasting money
on custom-made software when QuickBooks POS is already doing what you need.”

– Charlie Jobbins, Red Poets and Skyhawk Lane

“I have been using QuickBooks Point of Sale for about 15 years. I find it to be a user friendly program. I just
recently added the credit card feature. It makes it a lot easier to balance my books at the end of the day.”
– R Pafford, An Even Greater Divide INC

“QuickBooks Point of Sale has always been very reliable and consistent to use.”
– River Jeans, River Jeans

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