Sporting goods and bicycles

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Sporting goods and bicycles

A tailor-made Point of Sale Software for sporting goods & bicycle shops


If your store does assembly—like building bikes—you can easily add an inventory item titled ‘bike’ that’s made up of other inventory items. QuickBooks POS will pull those individual items from inventory and add a new item made up of those parts. By helping cut down on duplicate inventory entries, you’ll save time and effort.

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More QuickBooks POS features for sporting goods and bicycle shops

Accept payments the way customers want to pay

Integrates with QuickBooks POS Payments to handle virtually any type of payment with contactless and mobile payments, credit and debit cards, or gift cards.1

Accepting new payment types

Offer loyalty programs to keep customers coming back

Bump up customer loyalty by offering gift cards and customer reward programs. Reward best customers when they check out, or email them a coupon or promotion.

Building customer relationships

Expand sales opportunities with ecommerce

IAccept online orders anytime! Enjoy the revenue from ecommerce, but not the multi-channel conflict with our ecommerce integration service so you always have on hand what you’re selling in-store or online.2

Integrating ecommerce POS

Track multichannel inventory with ease

Seamlessly manage online and in-store inventory all in QuickBooks POS—see what items are selling so you know what to reorder and when. Know what profit you’re making on every item and identify what discounts to offer.2

Tracking multichannel inventory

Manage your store and your staff in one place

QuickBooks POS lets your employees clock in and out within the system. It also gives you visibility into what’s selling and when, so you can schedule extra employees when you need them.

Run the reports you need in a snap

With QuickBooks POS, let the system do the work for you with end-of-day, X-out, and Z-out reports. One dashboard gives you an accurate snapshot, so you can make more profitable decisions.

Learn more about POS reports

Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop to save time and effort3

QuickBooks POS easily syncs with QuickBooks Desktop financial software to run accurate, up-to-date reports like tax liability, financial information, and inventory assets. Saves you time so you can focus on your business.

Syncing with QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Desktop POS:one system for all your sales channels
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