QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale with
Microsoft Surface® Pro

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale now
works with Microsoft Surface® Pro.


Get untethered with a point of sale solution that lets you

move around your store with Microsoft Surface® Pro 4.


Get the freedom and flexibility of a portable tablet to make back-office life easier.

Speed up back-office tasks with a movable tablet.


Why be tied to a desktop computer at the counter when you don’t have to be? With the Microsoft Surface® Pro 4, you can pick up and move when you want to. Need to check inventory in the back room? Want to run reports or do accounting tasks someplace else in the store — or at home or in your hotel room? Desktop Point of Sale with the Microsoft Surface® Pro 4 let’s you so all that with ease.1

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Check inventory from anywhere in your store.


Whether you need to take inventory on the store floor or in the back room, the Microsoft Surface® Pro 42 goes with you to accelerate for workflow so you have more time to do other things — like serve your customers. Add a mobile scanner and those inventory tasks get done even faster.3

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Create sales orders anywhere in the store.


With Microsoft Surface® Pro 4, you can create an order as you walk through your store with a customer. Just select the items they’d like to purchase on the tablet. Then all you need to do is re-dock at the counter, take a payment, and complete the sale.

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Get a modern look and feel.


Want a sleek new look, or just want to save space? The QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale system with Microsoft Surface® Pro 4 delivers. You’ll get a touchscreen device that’s easy to set up and takes less room on your countertop.

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Key benefits for POS on Microsoft Surface® Pro.

  • Freedom and flexibility to move around the store
  • Speed up back-office tasks
  • Modern look and feel
  • Create customer orders on the floor and then re-dock to ring sale
  • Work from home or on the road with removable tablet

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