Download Page for QuickBooks Financial Software 2005

Thank you for purchasing a QuickBooks financial software download. Follow these simple steps to enjoy your new software.

Step 1 – Download the software
Click on the link below. When the File Download dialog box appears, press Save to transfer the download to your computer. (We recommend saving it to your desktop.)

Download Now  (357 MB)

Step 2 – Install the software
Double-click the QuickBooks_Financial_Software_2005 icon on your computer.
When prompted by the installer, enter the license number and product number provided by your sales agent.
To install an upgrade, choose the "Select an existing version to upgrade" option. This will install QuickBooks 2005 with your existing company file.
If you purchased an industry-specific version of QuickBooks, select your industry the first time you launch QuickBooks.
Save your license and product number, in case you ever need to reinstall.

Step 3 – Confirm your registration
To save you time, your sales agent registered your software at the time of purchase. QuickBooks will prompt you to confirm your registration by entering the zip code and last four digits of the phone number you gave to the agent.

Step 4 – Delete installation program
To free up disk space, drag the installation program from your computer to the recycle bin and delete it.

If you have any problems or questions, view the download FAQ or call us at 877-406-1261. Visit the QuickBooks Web site to find a wide range of Add-Ons designed to work with your QuickBooks financial software.


1Using QuickBooks requires 400 to 850 MB of free disk space, depending upon the edition. After you install QuickBooks, you can delete the download file from your computer to free up disk space. Also, the installer gives you the option to auto-delete the installation files. Choose this option to free up additional disk space.

Download Requirements

To download QuickBooks, you must have all three of the following:

High-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, or higher)
Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher)
2.5 GB free disk space1

Estimated download time:
30 min (cable); 60 min (DSL)


View the download FAQ