ODBC Support for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

We have teamed with Intuit Developer Network member FLEXQuarters to provide a read-only ODBC driver, called QODBC, for use with your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software. The QODBC driver (located at File >> Utilities >> Setup QODBC) allows administrator access to your QuickBooks data using 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Excel or Access or Crystal Reports. Should you require the ability to write data back to QuickBooks, please contact the developers at QODBC.com

QODBC Driver

The read-only QODBC driver is provided for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 6.0 and later.

Download QODBC Driver for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QODBC Driver for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Read Me

Setup Instructions

Instructions for setting up the QODBC driver and for retrieving your data with 3rd party ODBC compliant applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Access or Crystal Reports).

View Setup Instructions for QODBC Driver

View Setup Instructions for 3rd Party ODBC Compliant Applications

User Documentation

Documentation and instructions for using the QODBC driver and data schema.

View QODBC Driver Documentation

View Data Schema


Search online for QODBC help topics or contact QuickBooks Support. Note: Report writing services are not provided for 3rd party applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Access or Crystal Reports).

Common Connection Errors

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Need to write back into QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

Upgrade to the Read/Write Version of the QODBC Driver