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Do I qualify for financing?


QuickBooks Financing helps you answer this question quickly. Our platform takes all the hard work out of applying for a loan by pre-populating the application form with your QuickBooks information. With your permission, we then share that information with our selected lenders/financial institutions. You may receive and view loan offers from the lenders within minutes.

Key criteria that go into whether your business may qualify for financing:

  • Years in business: Most of our selected lenders look for at least two years in business.
  • Revenue: Most of our selected lenders look for at least $75,000 in gross revenue.
  • Personal credit history: FICO score could affect whether your business qualifies for financing and at what rates.
  • Credit history: Personal and business bankruptcies as well as major derogatory information (such as late payments or liens) could also impact whether your business will qualify for financing.

The criteria above are generally just the minimum criteria for pre-approval.



Will seeing financing options through QuickBooks Financing impact my credit?


No. Starting the loan process through QuickBooks Financing just requires a soft pull of your credit. A soft pull won’t affect your credit score in any way.



What role does QuickBooks Financing play?


QuickBooks Financing helps small business navigate the process. We help in a few ways:

  • We help provide some of the information required by partners.
  • We work with a limited number of hand selected lenders to help bring you the right financing for your business.
  • We help you see all the offers your business qualifies for from selected lenders so that you do not have to apply multiple times.



What's the right type of loan product for me?


You have access to multiple loan types on our platform. Here’s how to think about which is best for you:

  • Line of credit: You want to have extra money on hand to be able to draw from as unexpected expenses come up.
  • Invoice financing: You use the invoicing feature in QuickBooks and are looking for a short-term working capital loan.
  • SBA Loans: You can wait a little longer (1-2 months) to get a lower rate for a larger dollar amount, and you plan on keeping the loan for a number of years. These loans have the lowest APRs on our platform.
  • Long-term loan: You are planning an expansion of your business.
  • Short-term loan: You are looking for some extra working capital to help smooth cash flow or purchase inventory.

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Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers


  1. Intuit operates this Service as a marketing platform to present you with options from financial solution provider(s). We provide a lead generation service to simplify the process of finding a financial solution. Where required by applicable law, Intuit is a licensed commercial loan broker in certain states. Please see Disclosure Site for more information about our licenses. All financial solutions displayed on this site are provided by independent, third party financial solution providers (“Providers”), and not Intuit. They are solely responsible for their financial solutions advertised or made available via this Service, including compliance with all applicable laws and disclosures. We do not make any lending or credit decisions and we do not offer our own financial solutions. Intuit provides this Service to help determine if you might qualify for certain financial solutions and match you with a Provider based on your information and the Provider’s criteria. If there is a match, Intuit may present you with information about a financial solution, including a link to the Provider’s website. From time to time, Intuit may partner with selected Providers to provide you special, exclusive or invitation-only offers (“Special Offers”). Except for information for such offers, the information you provide to us is not considered a loan application and Intuit does not take or receive an application from you. Providers may require a loan application, a personal consumer report, additional information and application fee from you before they offer you a financial solution. Providers may provide you with information about a financial solution, including related legal notices or disclosures, an estimate of fees charged to you and whether such fees are refundable. Except where stated in the Terms, we do not provide services to assist you in obtaining a financial solution, including negotiating any terms on your behalf or issuing any documents to you on the Provider’s behalf. You are solely responsible for arranging a loan with your Provider and paying all fees and expenses incurred in connection with your efforts to obtain a financial solution. With the exception of some Special Offers, we do not receive information during the application process, including the terms of your loan, associated fees and prepayment penalties and if your loan is secured by real property. Offer information such as interest rates, estimated loan amounts and payment information are provided solely for informational purposes. Except where stated, such information is not generally not an offer or commitment of financing, a lock-in agreement, nor does it include any specific loan terms or conditions from the Providers. The information is not a guarantee for approval on any specific terms or conditions. You must apply directly with the Provider even if you have received a pre-approval offer. Information and offers are subject to change and offers are subject to Provider’s review and verification of your information. Additional information may be required where specified.
  2. Intuit does not charge you a fee to use this Service. Intuit receives compensation from Providers that is based on a percentage of your loan amount or a specific dollar amount for a financial solution such as a credit card for our role as a loan broker. Intuit is compensated after your loan closes or upon issuance of a credit card except if stated otherwise. Please see the Disclosure Site for more information. Providers may include the fees they pay to Intuit as part of your terms. Intuit does not control Provider’s terms, nor do we have knowledge of what extent the compensation paid to Intuit impacts the interest rates or fees charged to you. Loan terms and conditions are entirely and solely within the Provider’s discretion. Intuit has an interest in an entity that will purchase Special Offer loans from the Provider that may result in distributions to Intuit. Any amount received from this interest is separate from compensation we earn as a loan broker. 

Terms, conditions, pricing, special features, and service and support options subject to change without notice. View full QuickBooks Financing Terms of Service here.