How To Create Bills and Expense Reports in QuickBooks

You've been entering your cheques, expenses, and bills into QuickBooks --- great! Here's how you generate reports that show you where your business's money is going.

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    Review Expenses & Purchases

    To look at your expense reports, go to the Navigation Menu and click Reports followed by All Reports. Choose Review Expenses and Purchases.

    Expenses by Supplier Summary Report

    To see which customers you spend the most money on, click Expenses by Supplier Summary.

    Click Customise.

    Sort by Total

    Go to Sort By and choose Total in descending order then click Run Report.

    Now the suppliers you’ve paid the most appear first in the report.

    Manage Accounts Payable

    Go to the Navigation Menu and choose Reports followed by All Reports and then click Manage Accounts Payable.

    Supplier Balance Summary

    You can click on Supplier Balance Summary to easily see how much money you currently owe each of your suppliers.

    Unpaid Bills Report

    Enter the Terms of this invoice. This is how long you give your customer to pay.