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How to use Social Media to Generate Black Friday Sales

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Have you heard of Black Friday? Originally a term coined in the USA, it’s a phrase commonly used to address the popular day of shopping that immediately follows Thanksgiving. While it’s not an official holiday, it’s a huge opportunity for retail therapy, with many big-name brands and businesses offering substantial ‘once-a-year’ Black Friday sales and discounts.

Now, Black Friday fever is sweeping the internet and many businesses are jumping on board in order to generate more sales. Here’s how to use social media to create a Black Friday frenzy for your brand, but if you’re looking, even more, more ways to boost Black Friday sales see our ‘Last-minute Guide to growing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales‘.

1 Tease your event

One of the reasons Black Friday works in America is because it’s a highly anticipated event. Everyone knows they are going to be able to get a bargain, but they also know time is short and they have to act fast. In the same way, you need to use your social media channels to generate interest and excitement for your own Black Friday sale.

Start by teasing your event well in advance and let your audience know what they can expect – including the start and finish time of your event, so they can plan ahead. Create your own hashtag to generate interest and your own Facebook event.

2 Be generous with your discounts

Black Friday isn’t like the regular mid-season sales or holiday discounts – Black Friday means seriously big bargains and discounts. People are willing to go all out on Black Friday because they know this is a once-a-year event and often the biggest sale of the year.

In order to generate real buzz for your brand, you need to offer the same Black Friday spirit of generosity. In other words, big discounts across your products or services. Some businesses opt to select one or two products that have serious discounts just for the event, rather than discounting their entire product range. Many people are often willing to spend at this time of year because they have Christmas presents on their minds.

You could also offer free or discounted shipping on Black Friday in order to encourage more online sales.

3 Get active on the day

Once the big day arrives, don’t just sit back and relax. Be active on your social media accounts and encourage your audience to head to your website or in-store to make the most of your Black Friday sales. You could offer discounts or rewards exclusively for your social media followers.

Also, look into doing paid social media advertising in order to reach more than just your own audience. This is a great opportunity to grow your brand and your customer base. You could also consider getting social media influencers on board to generate a bit of interest in your Black Friday sale.

As Black Friday comes to a close, start a countdown. Let your audience know they only have so many more hours to make the most of your Black Friday discounts. And when Black Friday finally comes to an end, remind your customers to sign up to your newsletter for notifications of your next sales event.

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