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Pack Light for International Business Travel

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Racking up frequent flyer miles comes with the territory when you’re doing business globally. Going light with your luggage lets you zip through airports without breaking a sweat. Learn how to downsize your travel routine to make your international trips easier.

Packing light isn’t just good for efficiency and mobility in airports and hotels. You can also save big bucks by avoiding checked baggage fees depending on the carrier you choose. Many international airlines offer one free checked bag, but packing multiple checked bags can increase your travel costs, and some airlines charge for any checked bag. Strategic packing means you can get all the essentials in your carry-on luggage or a single checked bag to keep your business travel budget in check. You also know your luggage arrives safely if you stick to a carry-on.

Figure out what type of clothes you need based on your travel itinerary. Business clothes usually take up the most space. You may need casual clothes for social outings or sightseeing. Look for ways to overlap. A single button-down shirt works under a suit and on its own for drinks. Dress up a skirt with a blazer for business meetings. Pair it with a casual top for sightseeing. Wear your bulkiest outfit on the plane to save room.

If you’re meeting with the same people multiple times, make your neutral outfit look different by changing the accessories, wearing a different colorful tie or a scarf or statement necklace to change the look of an outfit. Extra accessories are easy to pack and give you more mileage out of basic outfits. Use your hotel’s laundry service to keep your clothes looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Shoes take up lots of space and add weight to your bag. If possible, find a single pair that works with all of your outfits. Wear those shoes to avoid packing any. Stick to just one additional pair if necessary.

Limit the business supplies you take. Pack a tablet instead of a laptop if possible. Ship products or samples to the person you’re meeting before you leave. Before you put anything in your bag, ask yourself if it’s necessary.

You don’t want to leave behind essentials, but international travel can be a pleasant, lightweight experience with a little strategy. Streamline what you pack to keep your bags light and your business travel budget low.

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