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Create a Freelancer Invoice in 90 Seconds with Intuit QuickBooks

You’ve worked your tail off on a project to exceed client expectations and you’re ready to present work you’re proud of that you think will lead to more. Then comes the freelancer invoice. This final step not only ensures you get paid but also solidifies your professionalism with your client.

Inc. magazine reports that one of the top mistakes freelancers make is not showing details of a project in an invoice, which can lead to client dissatisfaction if they can’t justify the amount you are charging. Administrative tasks can take freelancers an average of two hours a day to work on. So how can you include all the important details without wasting precious time you could be working on projects?

The answer is simple: Create an express invoice with Intuit QuickBooks for free now on a 30 day trial. This enables you to streamline the invoice process and enhance your professional image. Freelance writer Christopher Gillespie writes on LinkedIn that three of the most common freelancer complaints are not getting clients to do what they say they will (this includes getting paid on time), getting consistent work and getting more work from existing clients. Crafting professional invoices can help you remedy all these problems. Invoicing only needs to take 90 seconds or less. Here’s how it works.

90 Seconds to Online Invoices for Freelancers

Instead of scrambling to include all the pertinent information on an invoice and having to start from scratch every time, use a free express invoice template like the one offered by Intuit QuickBooks for a simple plug-in format. Important company details and product activity descriptions are included on the template, so all you need to do is input your work and print or email the invoice to your customer.

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90 Seconds to Mobile Invoices

If you need to create an invoice on the go so your client can get started with the payment process, whip out your smartphone and use QuickBooks to create an invoice anywhere, anytime. The software lets you save customer information, so you can pull it up easily for invoice creation. You also can pull customer information directly from your contacts. Get a head start on invoice creation and save a draft to be sent later or send one immediately, directly from your mobile device.

90 Seconds to Printed Invoices

Do you mail invoices to some of your clients? Want a tool that allows you to print them off and save you from having to manually log client information? QuickBooks enables you to view saved invoices you have printed, duplicate previous invoices if you have a straggling client and create new invoices. Just head to the “Invoice” home screen, use the “Action” drop-down menu and select “Print.” You can quickly mail invoices to clients and still have their information saved in one easy-to-navigate place for future reference.

90 Seconds to Invoice Tracking

Getting paid quickly and frequently is essential to maintaining a strong cash flow as a freelancer. With QuickBooks, you no longer need to spend precious time keeping track of invoices that are unpaid or overdue, since the app does that all for you. Simply select the appropriate invoice status from the drop-down menu and see which clients you need to follow up with regarding late or unpaid payment.

A simple click of the “Resend” button sends a reminder email to past-due clients, so you don’t have to be stressed about chasing them down. Once you’ve received your payment, click the “Paid” button so you can move on to your next assignment or invoice. Clients who need reminding will appreciate the follow-up, and you can easily see patterns of clients who need stricter payment contracts or who are unreliable for your business.

Get Faster Invoices Now

Freelance work is attractive because it offers freedom; however, it’s also a path that requires diligence and organization to thrive. Use tools that take care of the details for you so you can focus on being creative and garnering new business. These tools are a wise investment that pays off in boosted efficiency and less stress for you. Why not try QuickBooks Free for 30 Days now?

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