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How to be more Productive (even when you don’t feel like it)

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Your startup is taking up most of your time, and you may feel as if you’re working around the clock. After all, the success of your enterprise means giving it your all every day — if you have employees, theyre counting on you, too. So how do you manage to stay productive when you’d love nothing more than to take a long lunch and spend an afternoon by the pool? Fortunately, there are some motivating tricks and techniques you can use to increase your productivity even when you don’t feel like it.

Think Positive

Negative thinking sometimes takes over when you’re under pressure, so pay attention to your thoughts. Are you thinking you can’t handle what’s in front of you, or that you’re no good at running a business? Negative self-talk can be a major factor in your lack of productivity. Try keeping track of your self-talk so you can take control of it, and deliberately turn your thoughts toward the positive.

Give Yourself Incentives

To get your work done, consider motivating yourself with an incentive. You might set an immediate productivity goal, and then promise yourself a reward for meeting it. Maybe you’d like a cappuccino from the corner café, a break to read the next chapter of your favourite novel, or a few minutes out of the office. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a real reward that you treasure — and try not to let yourself indulge in it till you’ve reached your goal, especially when food is involved.

Adjust Your Posture

Poor posture could be the cause of your productivity slump. When you sit up straight with a well-aligned spine, you clear the path for healthy blood flow, which can make you feel more alert. Try adjusting your desk chair to encourage better posture, or even try a standing desk or sitting on a balance ball to promote good posture and alertness.

Think About the Big Picture

It’s easy to get lost in little tasks when you’re a small business owner. Take a moment to think about your larger goals, and see how the tasks you’re avoiding fit into that picture. Maybe you don’t feel like sending out invoices, but clients paying their invoices brings in the cash needed to expand your business. Gaining some perspective can help motivate you so you can get back to work.

Work in Small Increments

Whether it’s writing a long report, taking inventory, or paying bills, thinking about how much time it takes to complete a complex task can make you feel overwhelmed. To get the task done faster, you might work in spurts, say 30 minutes or so. Working in small increments makes the task feel more achievable. You may even end up breaking down the mental logjam and working longer than you promised yourself. To stay motivated, try not to overwork yourself even with your newfound drive to get the job done.

Other techniques to help you increase productivity include stopping work to take breaks on a regular basis, enjoying a change of scenery, and disconnecting from the internet periodically. By staying positive and thinking about the future when you don’t feel like working, you may become more productive and accomplish even more than you originally intended.

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