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Tip: Re-energize Your Staff to Enhance Productivity

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High energy among your staff members is good for productivity and employee morale. Achieving a high energy level starts with hiring qualified staff who are eager to embrace your goals. But even the best talent may need some motivation to rediscover energy and enthusiasm.

Your leadership style sets the tone for energy levels within the office. Employees feed off of your enthusiasm for the projects happening within the team. You can also drain energy if you micromanage employees or come down hard on staff when they make a mistake. Encourage risk-taking while using poor outcomes as a learning experience, rather than something that should be reprimanded.

Find out what motivates your employees and what drains their energy by talking to them; just being heard by the boss can be enough to boost morale. If you actually use what you learn from employees, you can have an even bigger impact on energy levels. Listen to your employees’ suggestions, and let them take charge of their tasks. Showing how their contributions help the overall company operation can also be motivating. Support that feeling of ownership by giving employees new challenges and new learning opportunities. Not only does gaining new knowledge motivate your employees, but it also keeps your company at the cutting edge of your industry.

Work-life balance can be a major factor in how energetic your employees seem at the office. If they constantly work long hours or do great things without recognition, they may burn out quickly. Taking time to recognise team accomplishments or celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries can improve the balance. You can also plan after-hours social events or family activities, such as picnics, to improve morale and encourage relationships that support energetic work.

If the budget allows, additional incentives can keep your employees fresh and motivated. Offer bonuses for exceptional performance to help keep your team energised, and motivate with paid time off. Team energy ebbs and flows, but you can help your staff lean toward higher energy levels with small changes. Look at your leadership style, and offer little incentives to keep motivation high for greater productivity.

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