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2019-12-24 13:38:14Accountants and BookkeepersEnglishAn employer needs to frame an Experience Certificate in proper format containing all the necessary particulars and give it to the leaving... Certificate for Accountants: A Sample Template

Experience Certificate for Accountants: A Sample Template

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Experience Certificate for Accountants is an important document that acts as a proof of a chartered accountant’s work with his previous employer. Any accountant leaving his current employer holds the right to receive or claim Experience Certificate from such an employer.

Thus, it is important for the employer to issue an Experience Certificate to its accountant employees. This is because every company asks for an Experience Certificate at the time of hiring accountants for various job roles.

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Most of the organizations require recent work experience history of an employee. However, few companies demand an exhaustive list of documents including payslips, relieving or experience letter etc.

This is because an extensive background verification requires a prospective employer to verify an employee’s:

  • Educational qualification
  • Past employment records
  • Criminal records
  • Work experience
  • Identity verification

Thus, an employer needs to frame an Experience Certificate in proper format containing all the necessary particulars. This is to enable the employer to issue the Experience Certificate to the former accountant demanding the same or an accountant leaving the organization.

Thus, this article talks about what is an Experience Certificate, its purpose, components and format.[/vc_column_text]

Experience Certificate Meaning

Experience Certificate is a document issued by the employer to the chartered accountants leaving the organization for a new job elsewhere. It is a chartered accountant’s proof of work with the former employer and contains details such as:

  • Work tenure with the previous employer;
  • Chartered Accountant’s Designation
  • His responsibilities
  • Last drawn salary etc.

Therefore, Experience Certificate acts as an important document for accountants finding future job opportunities.

Purpose of Experience Certificate

Say Ankita is a Chartered Accountant working with an MNC from past five years. She’s now on a notice period with her current company and is soon to join a new firm.

In the rush of serving the notice period, getting her dues cleared and fulfilling other formalities, she failed to collect the Experience Certificate on the last working day.

Now, this might not seem an important issue to Ankita at the time of leaving the company. However, not collecting Experience Certificate at such time could act as an impediment in finding her next job.

This is because while undergoing background verification during recruitment process for the next company, Ankita would be questioned on the proof of her employment with the previous company.

Thus, Ankita will not be able to justify her experience with the past employer as she does not have the Experience Certificate. Even after having a modest work experience with the previous employer, it might be challenging for the prospective employer to treat such work experience genuine.

Contents of Experience Certificate

Following are the components of an Experience Certificate that an employer must issue to its accounting employees while leaving the organization:

  • Name of the Organization issuing Experience Certificate
  • Address of such an Organization
  • Name and Address of the specific recipient
  • Date of issuance
  • Declaration certifying that the leaving employee was a part of the organization
  • Name of the Accountant in whose name the Experience Certificate is being issued
  • Father’s name or husband’s name of the leaving accountant
  • Tenure of employment, that is, date of joining and leaving the organization
  • Designation of the leaving Accountant
  • Duties, responsibilities of the leaving employee
  • Work ethics and the strengths of the leaving Accountant
  • Nature of employment, that is, whether permanent, regular, temporary, part-time, contract, guest, honorary etc.
  • Any other relevant employment details
  • Field of Experience
  • Pay scale and last salary drawn
  • A statement sharing company’s experience working with the leaving employee
  • Statement giving best wishes to the leaving employee
  • Signature and Seal of the Company

Experience Certificate Vs Relieving Letter

The intent behind issuing a relieving letter as well as an experience letter is similar. However, there is a difference in the subject matter or the underlying reason or cause for which such a letter is issued.

A relieving letter is issued when the employee resigns or leaves an organization. Thus, such a letter is issued on the last working day of the employee about to leave the organization.

Furthermore, a relieving letter states that the leaving employee has been relieved from his roles as well as responsibilities under the given profile.

Also, the letter is an acknowledgement that the leaving employee has performed all the pending obligations and has given the final handover to the concerned authority.

On the other hand, an experience certificate or letter states the designation and the working tenure of the leaving employee. This letter can be issued even when the employee is still working with the company.

Furthermore, the Experience Letter states the roles, responsibilities and the nature of tasks that the leaving employee was engaged in during his working tenure. Also, this letter mentions the company’s experience working with the leaving employee.

Denial of Experience Certificate

Yes! A company holds the right to deny issuing an Experience Letter. But it can only do so if:

The employee’s performance was not up to the mark during his working tenure in the organization;

  • He or she was held responsible for some sort of misconduct;
  • Leaving employee fails to serve his or her complete notice period or
  • For any other reason that the employer deems fit

Experience Certificate Format

Following is the experience letter format or experience certificate format for you to have a look:

Name of the Former Company
Address of the Former Company
City, State, Zip Code

Date of Issuance

Recipient Name
Name of the Company
Address of the Company
City, State, Zip Code

Subject: Experience Certificate

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

The purpose of this letter is to certify that (Name of Employee) was working as a (Designation or Job Role) at (Company’s Name) from (Start Date of Employment) to (End Date of Employment).

(Name of Employee) has always showcased the dedication and hard work in carrying out his/her duties throughout his/her (number) years employment with the (Name of the Company). He/She has exhibited outstanding work on diverse projects, has proven to showcase effective leadership skills and collaborated quite well with other team members to undertake tasks.

(Name of Employee) had the following roles and tasks to perform:

(Describe roles and responsibilities for each task)

  • Task A
  • Task B
  • Task C
  • Task D
  • Task E

(Name of the Employee) is an outstanding employee who is quite zealous in his approach and believes in coming up with solutions whenever faced with challenges. He/She would certainly prove to be a valuable resource for any organization or business he/she intends to join. We wish that (Name of the Employee) gets success in all her future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,
(Name and Signature of Sender)
Title or Job Role
Company Seal

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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