How to Write a Business Plan: The Sales and Marketing Section

This article should focus on how a business owner should define his or her sales and marketing strategy within their business plan. Talk about what this section is and why it is important before helping the business owner understand how to go about writing it. Include and site relevant and high-authority stats, examples and quotes in an engaging way.Read more


Does Your Customer Want What You Sell?

Inform Indian small business owners and entrepreneurs about the importance of offering the right product to the right customers. A business succeeds by taking a good idea and applying it to an opportunity to fit a need. Subsections might include the need for market studies to determine whether a product adds value to a community; how to adjust product offerings to meet local needs and customs; and using customer feedback to gauge when to change or discard an item or service offered. Give examples, such as Pizza Hut offering local seasonings and more vegetarian toppings in India, and Nokia’s product localization of its mobile phones to withstand India’s heat, humidity and erratic power supply, and text messaging in Hindi. For Resource 3, the link is so long that it doesn’t show the complete url. The end is not 50011, it’s 50011/1.Read more


Potential Blockchain Benefits for Your Business Beyond Payment Methods

In this article, inform Indian small business owners and entrepreneurs about potential benefits of blockchain technology for their enterprises beyond cryptocurrency and payment methods. Because every piece of recorded information is irreversible and traceable, blockchain has the potential for increasing accuracy and reducing fraud in current paper transactions, such as business contracts and land transfers. Subsections might discuss uses in sectors such as financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance and agriculture. Employers can use the technology to verify potential employees' education and job records. Give examples, such as how Indian governments and the private sector are developing disruptive uses including the IndiaChain platform to leverage Jan-Dhan-Yojana, Aadhaar and the mobile trinity.Read more


Steps to Successfully Rebranding Your Business

Define rebranding and why it may be important for a business's survival. Potential subjects include discussing a few reasons why a business might want to rebrand, preparing for rebranding, executing rebranding. There are lots of opportunities to discuss QuickBooks products and apps. For example, MailChimp integrates with QB to keep clients up to date. Shopify integrates with QB and can be redesigned as a rebranding effort (this can be used as an example since not everyone uses Shopify).Read more


Small Business Tip : How to Write a Telephone Sales Script

Give readers tips on how to craft a strong script for telephone sales. Write this post toward Indian entrepreneurs living and working in India. Go over general elements that should be in the script and provide examples when possible... for instance, you may want to say "include a warm greeting to disarm the person answering the phone" and then give an example of text that accomplishes that feat. Mention how once the sales start rolling in, QB can be an essential resource for tracking the numbers.Read more


Small Business Tip : How to Balance Work and Life

When you're a small business owner, work can threaten to take over your whole life. Give readers (Indian entrepreneurs and small business owners in India) tips on how to balance work and life. Ideas might include sticking to a set schedule, finding managers you can trust so you can take time off, having set times where you turn off the phone and everything else to focus on yourself or your family, and automating tasks to save time with tools such as QB. There's a lot of articles online about the unique challenges Indian entrepreneurs, in particular, face trying to achieve this balance.Read more


Small Business Term: Salary Increments

Define salary increments and explain why they are important to small business owners who have employees. Detail when increments can be used (for awarding bonuses, giving raises, etc.) Also mention that salary increments are not the only thing to consider (see resource 3).Read more