Tanu Kaushik

Tanu Kaushik

Prior to joining Intuit QuickBooks as a marketing leader, Tanu spent nearly a decade creating marketing strategies for global brands. In her role, Tanu supports small business owners and entrepreneurs with content they need to be successful. Having prior been a self-employed strategist, she understands the challenges of starting, running and growing a business first hand, and champions the Entrepreneurial Spirit. She appreciates nothing more than knowing she’s helped business owners find success. LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/tanukaushik/


Why SMEs Need to Perform Competitive Analysis

Provide a definition of what competitive analysis is, its purpose and describe its benefits. From here, explain what business owners should look for and how they might go about competitive analysis or what should be included. Talk about when or how often someone might want to do a competitive analysis.

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A Guide to GST for Freelancers

Freelancers may think that their business is too small to warrant assessing GST, but in fact, these professionals may have to pay this tax. Write this post toward Indian freelancers who live and work in India, and create a guide to all the information they need to know about this tax. Some sections you may want to include are how not paying GST can affect your clients, GST rates for services that freelancers may offer or products they may sell, how to register, etc.

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Small Business: How-To Calculate a Gross Profit Margin

Please provide step-by-step instructions for how to calculate a gross profit margin. If you have room, explain how this effects a small business owner in India and ways to increase it.

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Practical Tips for Establishing an Online-Only Small Business in India

Discuss steps to starting a small business in India that makes sales online only. Focus on registering the company, compiling the necessary documents, and reserving a business name.

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Essential Management Skills for Small Business Owners

List some skills small business owners need to cultivate to become great managers. Make sure the list covers a broad range of management know-how, including people management, financial management, customer relations, critical thinking and strategic planning. Be sure to also touch on organizational skills, leadership skills and the willingness to delegate. Suggest that business owners work hard to hone skills in each of these areas to help their business thrive. Point out that Quickbooks offers easy-to-use accounting tools to help make financial management tasks easier. Make sure the content is relatable for Indian business owners.Read more


Use Social Media to Boost Sales

highest numbers of internet users. That figure continues to grow quickly as internet use in rural areas gains traction. Marketing your company on social media today may put you ahead of the curve as your competitors wait for the right time to jump in.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

As with anything you set out to accomplish in business, having a plan makes things easier. As a first step to boosting your sales with social media, you want to create a social media marketing plan. Like your business plan, your social media marketing plan should clearly state your goals and how you plan to achieve them. A basic plan might include specifics such as:

  • A mission statement describing why your company wants to do social media marketing and your goal
  • Facts about your target customer, including age, income, geographic location, which social media websites they use the most
  • Success metrics that detail how you'll know your marketing efforts have been successful. This can include a certain number of mailing list sign ups, coupons downloaded, and actual sales transactions
  • Types of content to create and share such as articles, blog posts, and videos
  • Productivity tools you'll use, including scheduling tools that make posting to social media sites more efficient like Hootsuite and Buffer

Your plan should also detail how and when you'll study the outcomes of your marketing efforts. The purpose of studying outcomes is to tweak your social media marketing plan as needed for improved results

Getting Set Up on Social Media

Social media marketing takes a lot of effort, so don't invest too much time creating and posting content on a social media site your potential customers don't use. Once you know where your target customers hang out on social media, you can set up your profiles. For the greatest impact, ensure that your branding is evident across your profile. For example, your profile should include images featuring your logo and your company's tagline. Complete your profile with your company's bio, contact information, web address, and hours of operation as well.

Boosting Sales on Social Media

Attracting customers on social media isn't really about showing them products and prices. Customers gravitate toward businesses that share useful information that helps them solve problems, or "pain points." For example, a business selling different types of laundry detergent might produce and share content -- maybe blog posts or videos -- about how to get various types of stains out of different types of textiles. Consumers in that company's target market would see the company as an expert source to solve their problem, and that's what prompts them to contact the company and buy from them.

You can also boost sales by paying close attention your social media analytics, which is data collected by the social media site. Instead of sticking to one type of content you enjoy producing, post several types and see which types go viral. That's how you know what to post and when for the highest impact.

Consumers usually value personal interactions, so as you look to boost sales on social media, you might consider placing one employee or a small team in charge of communicating with consumers online. Having a dedicated team ensures that people interested in buying from your company get their concerns addressed immediately, which increases the chances of them doing business with you.

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